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November 30, 2005



Hi Taylor :)

I'd have written you earlier, but it's been a hectic last week. Flying back to Norway (I live in Berlin, but come from Norway) in one and a half weeks and have a list of things to sort out before then. Trying to shop presents for Christmas. Plus I have been and am still working on some mixtape contributions at the QQF blog (sound editing etc).

I want to thank you for linking me. Also, when I come back to Berlin, there will be some interesting French posts (I hope). I keep my music collection in Norway, but will backup large amounts over Christmas.

Also, the invitation to contribute at QQF is open. You decide if and when.

Have visited your blog a few times. It's primarily a writer's blog, right? With commentaries on current issues of interest slash diary, that sort of thing?

I share your fascination with reading. Unfortunately I rarely find time to read. But at some stage I'll downprioritise music, which will improve the situation. But that's a different story.

Anyway, take care!

Roar :)

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Also, the invitation to contribute at QQF is open. You decide if and when.

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