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December 10, 2005



You're right, BlowUp Doll is 'gramps' to at least a couple of us, but some like Mod-Ified and Drugburn started up earlier or at the same time. Thanks for the mention! :)

I just realised you're the blog that had the spot-on post about Keren Ann that let me know I'm not alone in my lukewarm feelings toward her music.


hello! thanks for the nice words! and you're a Babyshambles fan too. =) i agree with your comments about Down In Albion. it's their rawness that i like, though many critics don't seem to think so. i think they just have hang-ups about Pete Doherty...


It does feel like a little family - I would include Natasha of Radio YeYe, Christine @ Spikedcandy and his holyness Mordi as well. Thanks for the recognition


Methinks think i got Mordi and Spikedcandy, and missed Natasha of Radio YeYe - at any rate, this post was a labour and declaration of love and I will update accordingly. and pardon my enthusiasm!
I know it doesn't quite do y'all justice!
Keep up the good work! Salut les Copains!


Oops, I read to quick!


Plus: I got a little confused after being called a 'master' ;-) - at any rate, thanks for your enthusiasm.


You ARE the master... thanks for checking out my site - I've enjoyed yours' so much - and keep up the good work!


skunkeye - I thought I posted a comment under your 'Pasadena' post, but it's not there... so if you get an irrelevant comment under some other post, sorry about that.

ps what a bunch of vain bloggers we are, all responding here ;)


Hi Skunkeye you're definitely right that Blowupdoll,Spikedcandy and Filles Sourirres gave me the drive to start Schlocker,I hope I can inspire other people as well...And yes it seems like a little family of blogs.I noticed you mentioned Daliah Lavi well it happens I got an album of hers somewhere in my record collection,so I'll post some of her tunes soon.
All the best,Bruno.


Many many thanks for your generous mention. It's awfully kind of you and it leaves me a little nervous with regards to new posts. Oh well :)

What I hope to see happen at QQF is people meeting and - if they feel like it - post a mixtape to say "I like this, hope you like it, too."

It's beginning to work well, which makes me happy. Kind mention on other blogs has been helpful.

Also, I'm keeping a seat warm for you at QQF, so do stop by. Because I'd love to hear a Skunkeye mixtape. But only if/when you have the time :)

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Plus: I got a little confused after being called a 'master' ;-) - at any rate, thanks for your enthusiasm.

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