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December 14, 2005



Not me with a tribute up - maybe you are thinking of Schlocker? Thanks for the news on her upcoming album...I'm very keen to hear what *most* of those artists will come up with for her. But yes, there definitely are a couple of scary inclusions...
Nice choices for your first mp3s!


Yikes.. spiked candy... maybe it was schlocker...
I'm getting all confused... at any rate it took me like three hours just to put two mp3 up on typepad so I could use any any advice y'all can throw me way about posting music! It was cool cos i had to go out and run some errands for awhile but the proces should really be effiencient, yathinks?


(Laughing) Thought I just left a comment here, but must've pressed the wrong button - or my mind's playing tricks on me (again). Oh well. Just wanted to say that's a wondeful song selection and I hope you figured out the upload problem. I'm looking forward to more music posts. Exciting :)


Yup... Forgot to type in the verification code - and let me tell you, it's freaking hard to see :)


Typepad is apparently having problems today ... otherwise I would correct the links!
the Jane B. images have mysteriously disappeared... as well as this post. Our Lady indeed - if they re-aapear it will a miracle!


Yes I had a Birkin tribute up this week :) The links to your mp3's seem to be dead.Why don't you just upload your files at www.yousendit.com and then post a link to them,seems to be the easiest way... Good luck! :)


Your excellent post piqued my interest in what Jane sounds like now but ... wala! Did you try Bruno's suggestion? Or try the "ticket" system at Typepad? I've found Typepad quite responsive and helpful.



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i'm not quite sure you get jane, and most def not jane's music. her sound, her music only exists through serge and the emotion of her singing the songs that he wrote.other than that she sucks.

its an emotional thing between jane serge and the rest of us..

don't let your childhood fantasies get the best of you...its time to grow up...

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I’m decidedly old school… Anyways, here’s to one of my first and great loves - Jane B. - on the occasion of her bonne anniversaire and in whose sacred honor I’m posting mp3s on Skunkeye for the first time.

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It was cool cos i had to go out and run some errands for awhile but the proces should really be effiencient, yathinks?

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