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March 10, 2006



Yes, I know there were expectations to this compilation, so I kept quiet. Must say I'd have been very surprised had it turned out any good. And I agree with you, making albums where you invite too many people to help you - like Jane Birkin did (her album has some great songs though, my favourite being her collaboration with Mickey 3d) - is an enterprise that seldom leads anywhere.

I've been disappointed too many times to buy the hype anymore.

Pity though. Still I'd suggest a comp of all the comps. I think then we'd have something! :)


I agree with you on most takes, but I do like Franz F. and Jane B. a lot.


Hello! I too agree with almost everything you said, but I think the Jarvis track is spectacular. And Michael Stipe suprisingly didn't bother me, and I expected it would. The Placebo tracks are nothing short of abominations, IMO. I'm tired of him and his nasal whine being the ambassador for 60s French music to the rest of the world, when it makes such a cock of it. *Breathes*
Good points about the collaborations too. I also wish they would avoid some of the trendier artists who don't seem to be that compatible, and were getting better advice on maybe some lesser known artists that they could create something truly great with.


oops, meant to say *he* not *it* about brian molko haha... freudian slip?

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I agree with you on most takes, but I do like Franz F. and Jane B. a lot.

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