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April 06, 2006



Hi there skunkeye!
gosh, my husband would be saddened, he was a big fan...


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To this goal, the freelance writer propose the thoughts connecting to this good topic.

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Subtle is perhaps the wrong term to describe Pitney’s music, since his delivery is decidedly melodramatic, but beneath what many would dismiss as schlock there are poignant underpinnings of yearning, heartbreak and textured readings of the human experience – perhaps sublime is a better word.

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I am looking forward for the next updates of your awesome worship.

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Gene Pitney was the great singer.He gave so many hits music .He took music to new heights.He is not in the world but his music will alive ever.
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Gene Pitney was the great singer.He gave so many hits music .He took music to new heights.He is not in the world but his music will alive ever.
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Subtle is perhaps the wrong term to describe Pitney’s music, since his delivery is decidedly melodramatic, but beneath what many would dismiss as schlock there are poignant underpinnings of yearning, heartbreak and textured readings of the human experience – perhaps sublime is a better word.


Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.


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